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2004 Travels June 3

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Mid morning, left to drive north to Yanchep National Park, only some 30kms away. Our plan was to do some walking there and find a pleasant place to eat our sandwich lunch.

Yanchep National Park was not quite what I was expecting. It was much more developed than a National Park should be! However, we were able to walk around the main lake – improbably called Loch McNess! This walk of nearly 3kms took us into the expected bushland and was enjoyable, even if there was no real sense of being away from it all. Had our sandwiches sitting in the more groomed park area.

Resize of 06-03-2004 yanchep np.jpg

In Yanchep National Park

Refuelled Truck at Yanchep – $1 per litre.

On the drive back, bought some fruit and vegies from roadside stalls. Then stopped off at Joondalup and did a grocery shop.

John’s ear was really no better. The Busselton doctor had said it could take a couple of weeks to fix. He had been taking the anti-biotics prescribed.

I wondered about the origins of the apparent string of fresh water lakes that seemed to parallel the coast through Perth’s northern suburbs and further – were they related to coastal dune formation, or the product of a high water table, or impervious soils, or what?

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