This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels June 6

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John’s face had become even more swollen. It was a worry. We didn’t know whether this was part of the supposedly blocked Eustachian Tube, or whether there was something else going on. He didn’t really know whether he felt well, or not.

We just stayed around the van all day. John wanted to rest, and I read.

Resize of 06-12-2004 Greenough River camp.JPG

Our site at Greenough River Caravan Park

I phoned daughter to tell her of money transfer, and ended up getting really cross with her current plan to move back to Bendigo, where it seemed she had a relationship developing. My concern was for the impacts this would have on grandson, especially due to regular commuting between mother and father. He would grow up thinking home was the inside of a car! But there was no reasoning with her, though.

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