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2004 Travels May 27

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Today it was my turn to set the agenda! It would be a driving and sight seeing day.

Took the main road south, to Margaret River, where we stopped at the cheese factory and sampled and bought some of its produce.

Continued on south to Augusta and then Cape Leeuwin, with its lighthouse.

The area was really scenic and attractive. Augusta, we thought, would be a good place to stay for a while – fairly quiet, very pretty. The quite large Blackwood River empties into Flinders Bay here, so there were both sea and river estuary environments.

At the Lighthouse, we had to park, pay an entry fee, and then walk up a road to the Lighthouse precinct, which included several buildings. The Lighthouse was the tallest in WA, and the third tallest in Australia. It stood in white contrast at the end of the precinct. Having a browse around the whole place was worth the entry money – and the uphill walk!

Resize of 05-26-2004 Cape Leeuwin Light aerial.jpg

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – from a post card

At Cape Leeuwin, the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. A sign board indicated this.

Resize of 05-27-2004 01 Cape Leeuwin oceans meet

Back in Augusta, took the Caves Road, which tracked closer to the coast than the highway. As the name suggested, there were a number of caves through this area. We were not tempted to visit any of these, excellent though some were meant to be.

Our first side track was to the coast at Hamelin Bay. This was another really scenic place, with beach, picturesque jetty remains, a view to a little offshore island. Today, it was all enhanced by some really spectacular cloud formations. This was another place I noted for a future stay.

05-27-2004 03 Hamelin Island.jpg

Hamelin Island

05-27-2004 02 Hamelin Bay old jetty.jpg

Hamelin Bay was named for a French explorer – Hamelin – who visited here about 1801. His name is also used much further north, at Hamelin Pool and Telegraph Station,  where daughter worked on her long road trip in 1998. Though the Telegraph Station came well after Hamelin!

05-27-2004 04  Hamelin Bay light.jpg

After Hamelin Bay, Caves Road traversed some very pleasant forested country of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park.

We’d seen the Boranup Wood Gallery advertised – exactly the featured wood furniture that interested us, so made a point of visiting that. Truly inspirational – wood furniture elevated to art form.

At the Gallery, yet another tyre went flat. The count was now up to four since Fowlers Bay. What had we done to deserve this! At least, we were getting very skilled at changing wheels.

The only other side track we had time for was to Redgate Bay, where the sea swell was mighty.

05-27-2004 redgate bay sea.jpg

Redgate Bay

Cut back to the Bussell Highway at Margaret River. We got back to camp just before dark, after a long but enjoyable day of exploring.

Had a text from daughter saying grandson was doing well.

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