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2004 Travels May 26

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We drove to the main part of town in the morning, and to the Bowls Club, where John booked himself in to play this afternoon.

Then we rushed to the Library, so I could try to get some books to read whilst John was bowling, and because being here for a week allowed me time to borrow from a library. The staff I encountered were petty bureaucrats: I had to pay $20 to borrow two fiction books – BUT was not allowed to actually get them until tomorrow. Unreal! I joined John up too – that way I would have four books, which should see me through the week, without having to make another library visit.

I had an upsetting text during the morning. Daughter had left my little grandson with his father for a visit, whilst she went off to Bendigo to visit a friend. The toddler had caught his finger in the porta-cot, as his father was putting it up. The finger was cut to the bone and the child was in hospital for surgery. Daughter had almost reached Bendigo when she heard, but turned around and drove back to Melbourne.

After early lunch, John went off to bowls. I walked for nearly two hours – there were very good walk/bike paths along the foreshore here.

John enjoyed his bowls. I enjoyed my walk, even though I was worried about grandson, and cross again with my daughter.

She texted about 10pm to say grandson was through the operation and was alright. The last joint of the forefinger may grow permanently crooked, though.

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