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2004 Travels May 25

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Pack up was fairly fast. Refuelled – $1.12cpl.

Went back to Peter’s gallery and confirmed our order for a small Temple. I was sure he thought he’d seen the last of us yesterday, and maybe regretted spending so much time on us. But all was rewarded. He was going to make it in a deeper colour than the broken small one he had showed us. The light through it then might be more like that through the big version.

He showed us his personal, reserved, Windswept #1, which was more blue than the ones on display, but appeared more three dimensional through it. Absolutely magnificent – but one of those would take more than a season’s work to pay for!

I wrote a deposit cheque for half the price and signed a purchase agreement. He gave us one of the books written about his work and gallery. Our Temple would not be completed and shipped until we were home again at the end of September.

Then we left Pemberton – happy to depart what had seemed such a dark and gloomy area in the forest – and headed to Nannup, with its timber mill that John had been told about.

At the mill, John went inspecting. He was very impressed with the quality of the jarrah timber he saw there, and its price. He bought a pack of jarrah – about $650 worth. It would be shipped to a place in Kilsyth and held there for final delivery to us, later in the year.

We had certainly contributed well to the economy of this corner of WA! Lord knows how much income we could have disposed of, had we stayed longer than two nights!

And so, on to Busselton. The driving was much easier than it had been on the way to Pemberton.

We booked into the Top Tourist Mandalay Holiday Resort for a week. After discount, $22.50 a night. It seemed a lovely park. The plan was to use the time to explore this SW corner of the state.

It was dark by the time we set up the van.

Had to do a rush trip to buy salad makings for tea, as fresh produce was just about out. Found that the supermarkets here closed at 6pm. Damn. Note to self: try – hard – to avoid looking for shops in a strange town, after dark.

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