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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels May 28

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I set the alarm for 8am so we could go to the caravan park’s pancake breakfast at 9am. But when it went off, John was reluctant to get up and not feeling keen on either pancakes or socializing. So I went and did the washing instead!

We eventually headed off to do various shopping type tasks. But John suddenly started getting really strange noises in an ear, so we went to the hospital. They were busy and said to go back in an hour.

Went to two tyre places. At the second, were able to source a good Michelin tube. Having it fitted took a while.

Then it was back to the hospital, which was still busy, so John hunted up a private doctor and got an appointment for 11.45. This did not leave us enough time to do the food shop I’d planned. Went to the Library to pick up the books I was now entitled to. This detour was obviously a hassle for John, who was being very grumpy and made comments to that effect. So, in the end, I simply collected back the deposit money I’d previously paid and did not borrow anything. John was often intolerant about my buying or borrowing books, not being much of a reader himself.

Got to the doctor in plenty of time, then had to wait for ages. The diagnosis was a blocked Eustachian Tube. John was to try pseudo-ephedrine, and if that didn’t work, an antibiotic.

We just had time to dash to some shops to get John’s medicine and some bread for lunch, before rushing back to the van for lunch and for John to go off to afternoon bowls.

It was really a rather wasted and boring morning. Because of having no time to shop, we were out of milk for my morning coffee and cereal for John’s breakfast. Didn’t get to the Post Office either, which we’d intended, so would have to wait until Monday to collect our mail.

To add to my woes, it was raining heavily by the time we got back to the van, so I spent some of the afternoon putting my washing through the dryer – cost me $7.

The rain eventually stopped and I went for a walk for an hour, then sewed.

John was pleased with how he bowled, but did not win anything. Despite the ear, his day had been better than mine.

It had been cold at nights here, but not as cold and damp feeling as Pemberton had been.

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