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2004 Travels May 11

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We decided not to prolong the inevitable, watching the stored power decline and feeling sad at Thomas River, but to pack up and go back to Esperance straight away.

The day had dawned cloudy again, and the forecast rain was falling.

The time here had been wonderful. The diversity of the southern WA vegetation had been so evident, and enjoyable. Hopefully, we will return, one day.

Resize of 05-07-2004 01 Mt Arid another view from camp area.jpg

Cape Arid

On the way back, at Condingup, John bought $15 worth of diesel – just to be on the safe side! At $1.08cpl. We refuelled fully at Esperance – $1.04cpl.

Went back into the Seafront Caravan Park, at $19.80 a night, after discount.

Phoned L to send on any mail, Express.

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