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2004 Travels May 10

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It was another grey and cloudy day.

Now, the van batteries were not getting enough charge from the solar panels. We had to run Truck for a while, and plug van to Truck, to put in some more charge.

I had been quietly sussing out the CALM group’s set up. They were running a generator to power a few things. I was impressed by how really quiet it was – sitting in the scrub between them and us. I managed to check it out – it was a Honda.

I told John that I was really fed up with this battery angst thing, as soon as we have a run of cloudy days. Power charging should not dictate what we were able to do! I told him he could buy a generator – a quiet one like the CALM people had! This was a real about-face on my part – having always been really anti-generator – and I don’t think he really believed me.

We had a quiet day today, due to regular rain showers. But we did manage a long walk along the beach.

As with much of the southern WA coastline, the diversity and beauty of the plant life was striking.

Resize of 05-05-2004 02 grevillea.jpg


Resize of 05-06-2004 04 hakea

A Hakea?

Resize of 05-06-2004 bush.jpg

Resize of 05-07-2004 faces

Banksia “faces”

Resize of 05-08-2004 01 bush by our Thomas R camp.jpg

Diversity of flora right by our camp site

Resize of 05-08-2004 04 banksia.jpg

Resize of 05-08-2004 05 plant

Another hakea?

Resize of 05-09-2004 native orchid.jpg

Native orchid and what might be a correa

It was becoming obvious that, if this weather continued, we would have to leave this lovely spot and go where there was grid power. Damn.

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