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2004 Travels May 12



It rained solidly, all day today. The grey days and rain had vindicated our decision to leave Thomas River. It would not have been all that pleasant out there, in the wet, and we would have been limited in what we could do. I guess we were lucky to have it as nice as we did, at this time of year.

Before I could change my mind, John took us looking at generators! He struck a good deal on a new Honda eu101 1KVA one. Parting with $1450 saw us leave the shop with the machine, a container of Honda oil, and a spare spark plug.

So now we had a little red monster to cart around in Truck. Together with its fuel – it had a petrol motor, so we should have to carry a small container of that, which I did not particularly like the thought of.

Resize of 05-12-2004 genset

It did not take too much rearrangement of the back of Truck, to make room for the new gear.

After depositing me back at the van, John went off to see ARB about the Truck shock absorbers, which he was not happy with. He was pleasantly surprised when they replaced them there and then. He was so pleased that he could get it done at all, here – but was much less pleased at the expense!

2 thoughts on “2004 Travels May 12

  1. I love the way Honda salespeople have all of their gennies running at caravan shows, while the opposition stands don’t have any turned on.

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