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2004 Travels May 4

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The day was partly cloudy, but the solar panels charged the batteries adequately. This was usually our greatest concern when camping away from grid power.

Resize of 05-04-2004 01 our van from beach Thomas River.jpg

Our van was just a white speck, high on the hill above the beach

John wanted to try fishing here, so we drove down the beach access track and then along the beach for a few kms, until he found a spot that suited him.

Resize of 05-04-2004 02 fishing along Thomas R beach

Fishing from the beach of Yokinup Bay

It was quite a chilly day, so I sat in Truck and knitted, while he fished.

Then he caught a big salmon. Much rejoicing! I cleaned it there on the beach. There was about three meals worth in it. Well done, John!

Resize of 05-04-2004 03 salmon for a few meals.jpg

Fish dinners….

We kept a careful eye on the tides, so as to make sure there was some firm sand, still, when it was time to drive back.

Resize of 05-04-2004 04 late afternoon Thomas R beach

Late afternoon on the beach

Resize of 05-04-2004 dusk t river.jpg

At camp, we met the Ranger. He gave us information about the track east to Israelite Bay, and those to other parts of the Park.

I dusted some of the salmon in seasoned flour and fried it for tea – it was a bit dry. I am no expert fish cook!

The other two lots of campers left today. There was only us and the camp hosts, and they were to leave tomorrow, too.

It was a beautiful evening, with a full moon. There was a big roll of cloud hovering over the bay, visible in the moonlight.


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