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2004 Travels April 25

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After breakfast, took ourselves off to the Tourist Information/historic Museum complex.

There were a number of craft outlets within the historic area. John got a leather maker to put a tie, or thong, onto the good Akubra hat he’d bought last year in Charleville. Without this, it was only going to be a matter of time before it was lost forever, off a cliff or jetty!

I bought a beaded anklet, for $6 – a pretty little thing.

There were some Anzac Day commemorations happening in the town.

After lunch back at the van, we went for a walk. There was a very pleasant path along the Esplanade – pretty, interesting, and with the sea outlook to the offshore islands, that were part of the large stretch of islands making up the Archipelago of the Recherche.

Resize of 04-24-2004 sea scene esp.jpg

Brilliant ocean views abounded in Esperance

We walked as far as a shipping pier where a boat was unloading something that was grey and dusty – fertilizer?

Couldn’t make actual phone contact with John’s travelling cousin, but our criss-crossing phone messages established that they were leaving Perth tomorrow, heading back to Melbourne, so our paths will not quite intersect, this trip.

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