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2004 Travels April 24

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Today’s aim had now become to get to Esperance in time to get the two problem tyres fixed!

We refuelled at Norseman – $1.04cpl – and turned south for the run to the coast.

It was pleasant to get back into the farming country south of Norseman. The roads became lined by stands of the salmon gums whose vivid pink-red trunks had so impressed us when we first encountered them in 1993.

Reached Esperance about midday.

Pulled straight into the first tyre place we came to – a Beaurepaires. They fixed the tyres then and there, while we waited. Great service! Both needed new tubes.

Booked into the Seafront Caravan park – a Top Tourist one. This was $19.80 a night, after discount, with the seventh night free because we booked for a week. Quite reasonable. It was a very pleasant caravan park.

After a quick set up of the basics, we headed off to the shops. Fresh produce again! But some of their stocks were low, as it was a long weekend in WA, and getting close to shop closing time.

Back at camp we finished the setting up for an extended stay.

Went out and bought fish and chips for tea. It was expensive – $6.50 a piece for flake! Not what we expected in a seaside location.

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