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2004 Travels April 23

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We were soon driving up the – comparatively low – Madura Pass. It is here that the road descends from the plain to the west, to a lower level one – maybe reflecting a former sea level. We had already come down onto that lower level at Eucla, yesterday, where it was not so noticeable. Now we were leaving it again.

Continued driving over the Nullarbor.

The fabled Ninety Mile Straight stretch seemed to pass quickly, because we were talking.

Today’s refuels were at Madura ($1.35cpl) and Balladonia Roadhouse ($1.36cpl).

We stopped at Balladonia Roadhouse, for fuel, and because I wanted a cappucino to cheer me up. But John heard the sound of a tyre going down, as he was filling up. It was on the back driver’s side of truck, as opposed to the front tyre on the same side, which seemed to have had a slow leak ever since we left Fowlers Bay. This surely had to be from running the part deflated tyres, especially when we rolled the tyres to the side. coming off the beach. It was just too much to be coincidence.

I never did get my coffee, because, after doing the necessary wheel change, John just wanted to get going again!

Decided to try out the new Fraser Range Station Caravan Park – only a km off the highway. It cost $18 for the night. The place was still being developed, but was really pleasant, already. It could be excellent, in the future. There were good, drive-through, powered, caravan bays, and the best Atco type amenities I’d ever encountered. It was better already than many caravan parks we’d stayed at.

We did not have to do much setting up.

Went for a walk on a track up through their valley, beyond the camp area, and through some lovely bush. We actually spotted three new birds, for us. John found an old station rubbish dump and had a close look at that – such “old stuff” excites his imagination.

It was a chilly night.

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