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2004 Travels April 26

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Today was a public holiday.

We went driving, firstly around the 38km long Tourist Loop. This followed the coast west from the town, then looped back around past the Pink Lake, to town. This had got to be one of the best coasts in Australia. It was so beautiful. The road wound about, and each rise crested gave an outlook over the sea and islands, and occasional beaches.

Resize of 04-26-2004 esperance Archipeligo of Recherche.jpg

There were also occasional glimpses of the wind farms.

The day was a bit grey and slightly chilly, so we were not tempted to stop and walk on any of the beaches.

Resize of 04-26-2004 rocks esp drive.jpg

We saw the Pink Lake – faintly pink, due to its salt-tolerant algae. Apparently, it could be really quite vividly pink, but not so at the moment.

We drove back through town and out the other side, around to the Bandy Creek boat harbour – an anchorage place for fishing boats and smaller craft, away from the seriously large shipping frequenting the main harbour.

From there, followed a track that took us on to the point beyond, and Wylie Bay. There is so much beautiful coastal scenery around Esperance that, after a while, one starts to become a little immune to it!

Today was an enjoyable sight seeing day.

At night, there were more of the ongoing phone call and text messages with daughter, concerning her situation and plans. They just perpetuated my unhappiness with it all.

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