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2004 Travels April 20

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As yesterday, I walked on the beach for an hour, in the early morning.

Again, we fished in the bay, in the morning. But, this time, we walked in, from the parking area back in the dunes. Much safer! Maybe John was not as sanguine, yesterday, as he appeared!

We caught one whiting.

After lunch, drove back again to Scotts Bay. We drove further along the bay, this time, to where others were fishing for salmon. We didn’t get any!

Saw a shark cruising very close to shore.

Resize of 04-18-2004 Fowlers Bay area.jpg

Fowlers Bay coast

At least, John had experienced a chance to try for the salmon, out there.

A big sea mist came rolling in, late in the afternoon. By dark, back at the caravan park, this had become thick fog – so moist that it was almost rain.

The Fowlers Bay whiting were very nice eating!

One thought on “2004 Travels April 20

  1. Your beach images are so great! Keep up the good work 🙂

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