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2004 Travels April 21

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Surprisingly, the fog was gone, when I got up at 8am.

We had a lazy morning. I sewed. John packed up his fishing gear and got things ready for departure. He did some things on the computer. He used our handy air compressor system to put the tyres back up to normal running pressures. I wrote grand daughter’s next postcard and put it in the mail box at the kiosk.

Phoned my daughter to wish her a happy birthday for today – 32. And received one hell of a shock when she informed me that she and husband had split up. I was certainly not expecting that, and it really rocked me.

Over the rest of the day we had several phone conversations – I used up a heap of phone cards. No mobile service out here!

Daughter seemed fine – it was all her idea. Their house was already on the market. I worried about the future of my little grand son, though – only 15 months old. Poor little baby!

John and I went for a long walk along the beach, talking about it all. I’d offered to turn around and go back home, to see if we could assist in resolving whatever issues there were, or have her move into our place. But daughter was adamant that we should continue our trip. She indicated she was thinking of returning to the country to live.

I was still not so sure, though, about going on. It would be hard to enjoy the travel, for a while, with all that bubbling away.

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