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2004 Travels April 19

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Having had a look around the place, yesterday, we decided to extend our stay here, mainly so John could go fishing.

I walked on the beach for an hour, in the morning, before John got up.

We drove to one of the access points to the Fowlers Bay Beach and went through a very sandy cut onto the back of the beach, where John drove on further, following previous vehicle or quad tracks.

The tide appeared to be coming in fast, and I thought our situation was rather precarious, so was worried and could not relax.

John caught four grass whiting off the beach.

We left as the water was getting up close to Truck. Going back up off the beach, through the sandy cut, was not easy. John had to gun Truck somewhat, and we slewed badly to the side in the sand – not good on partly flat tyres! John and I have always disagreed on what was an acceptable risk with the vehicle. I guess that, being the passenger, and not in control of what is happening, makes it seem worse. Or maybe I am just more conservative – or more sensible?

We went back to town and fished some more, off the jetty, catching another whiting.

After lunch at the van, drove out to Scotts Bay and fished there. John caught one whiting.

There was a very colourful sunset, whilst we were out there.

Resize of 04-19-2004 sunset Scotts Beach Fowlers Bay.jpg

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