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2003 Travels July 21

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I was feeling slightly refreshed in the morning, when I started at 10am,  but not so when I finished at 8pm, after a day on reception.

Yesterday afternoon, John must have gotten distracted when he was watering his vegetable garden, and the hose was left running all night. Big oops! The whole place was out of water by the morning, until the reason was found, and the various tanks refilled by pumping from the creek.

The initial thought was that a camper had – yet again – put a tent peg where they were clearly instructed not to, outside the site boundary made by white painted rocks, and gone through a water pipe. Although usually they had the common sense to come and own up – if only because their site was flooding, so it was pretty obvious!

But it was not a camper this time. The dialogue on the staff notice board ran: “Who left the hose running yesterday?”  “Was it in the pumpkin patch?”   “Yes”   “Bugger”

Resize of 07-24-2003 07  john and produce.jpg

The shop was reasonably busy through the day. The bosses went out for a while, to visit with the managers at Lawn Hill Station, who are friends.

The register didn’t balance – nothing new! It was $440 out – in our favour! I went back in there after tea and checked all the EFTPOS dockets. Found a few that had not been entered in the register, but not enough to account for the discrepancy.

There were some very late arrivals – like almost 8pm – who booked into the campground. No prior booking! They managed to talk the boss into making them a meal – for $10 a head. It was basically leftovers, but not too bad.

The roster got changed because B and M had to go back to Isa on Friday. Our day off was made earlier, so it worked in our favour – at least in the short term.

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