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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 20

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It was our day off – and very much needed. We got up at 10am, after fourteen hours of sleep. John’s thigh had been cramping badly during the night.

The boss was still on crutches, but feeling rather better.

We decided to have a do-little day.

I did some van cleaning. Read newspapers. Knitted. Wrote some long emails. Took some photos about the place. John did some of a long letter he was writing and played computer games.

I made us toasted sandwiches as a lunch treat – using the griller in the van’s stove.

It was very pleasant, just to sit outside the van, watch the bird antics, take in the green-ness, and relax in the tranquility of our bit of the grove. The bower birds and doves were always comical to watch.

Resize of 4-6-2005 great bower bird Adels 2.jpg

Great Bower Bird

I went up to the shop and bought five copies of Pieces of Blue and four of Heart Country – Kerry McGinnis’ books – to become Xmas presents for the offspring and a birthday present for John’s sister. John parcelled that up and put it in the mail bag. That exercise cost us $225!

I was going to cook tea for us “at home”, but John discovered that roast pork was on the menu, so we went up to eat with the staff, as usual. Unfortunately, it turned out that there wasn’t enough food for the staff to have normal serves. John got a small piece of meat and no crackling. I got some vegies only. We were pretty annoyed – staff had to wait till all the paying guests had been served, and got underfed too regularly. I was still hungry, after tea.

I don’t know why the cook never roasted pumpkin to go with roasted meats – the bland boiled mash she produced was a real let down. The meals were rather pedestrian, a lot of the time. I did think that B and I did better, last year, even without a proper kitchen; we certainly made sure that enough was cooked for staff to be properly fed. The men did such physical work in this place that they always had big appetites.

There was a new roster for next week. I was on reception four times, tent housekeeping once, the new category of kitchen hand once, and one day off. John was on canoes twice, amenities/grounds twice, rubbish run and donkey fires twice. But this was all dependent on V and F getting back before Thursday, when they were back on the roster.

Into bed at 8.30pm!

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