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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 19

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I was rostered on tents, to start at 8am. But the boss said to start on reception and stay there for a while, as there were not tents to be urgently done. That was the lull before the storm!

Then,  boss R, who had been standing on an old chair whilst trying to repair a roof rack for a tourist, fell on his replaced hip, onto the cement, when the chair broke. He was in much pain, and some shock, too. He could hardly walk and was on crutches for the rest of the day. He slept for much of it. His wife was very concerned and on the phone about him to the Flying Doctor, and to the Century Mine paramedics. They were not much help – the Doc said to use a hot pack on it; the paramedic said to use a cold pack!

So, that left just basically, M and me to run the show! Thank God her baby was being minded. It was day off for J and D. B and M were still in Mt Isa. Cook’s husband D was off taking  a Riversleigh tour. Old F was around and helped us a bit.

To add to our woes, we ran out of diesel fuel, so there were disgruntled tourists in the mix.

It was 3pm before I got to start on the tent housekeeping. There were six to do, so that also meant washing twelve sets of sheets and twelve towels. There were also the tea towels from the kitchen to wash.

I finished at 6.30pm, after a very long day. I felt exhausted. Ditto John, who had barely survived the day at the canoe hire, without the launching ramp. There had been no surplus staff to help him down there today. He was in pain and really worried about his hip.

Late in the day, B and M returned.

We would be at absolute capacity again, in the DBB accommodation,  next Tuesday and Wednesday. But, late today, the boss’ son and his wife arrived to stay for a week or so, needing a couple of DBB beds, without any of us staff knowing that this was going to happen. That would really push things beyond their limit. At tea, I announced that anyone on staff who booked anyone else in, on those days, would end up sharing their own bloody bed with them! Old F promptly asked how one went about booking someone in!

I fell into bed at 8pm.

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