This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 15

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V and F left to go back to NSW for the family business, for a while.

I was on reception, John on amenities/grounds.

It was a much quieter day, today. The school holiday crowds have thinned out a bit. I did some work on entering up advance bookings for 2004.

At the after close counting, the register was out by $200 and we were missing an EFTPOS voucher. The baby probably chewed that up – he was into everything! Didn’t know whether the money error was J, the boss or me – we had all done some front desk work through the day.

Late in the afternoon, there was some drama because of a camper’s child that seemed to have gastro or similar. Staff were put on standby in case the airstrip had to be prepared for a night time evacuation. The Flying Doc instructed the boss to inject the child with stuff from the RFDS Medical Chest, and wait and see – and the condition seemed to settle down, somewhat.

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