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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 14

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I was on tent housekeeping. It was a pretty even day, work wise – not too much pressure, such as one got when there were maybe twenty or more tents to be done.

Resize of 07-24-2003 01 Lawn Hill Ck by tents.jpg

Lawn Hill Creek by the tents – mid-winter

I even managed to get our washing done – it had been neglected for too long. We were starting to get to the stage of fishing used uniform shirts out of the washing basket and applying the sniff test to see which was least offensive!

John was on canoes, so an enjoyable day for him.

The work roster for this week was rewritten, because of coming absences. It put me on reception more – so I was pleased about that. J does better on tents than on the front desk. John landed four days in a row on canoes, so he too was happy.

But our day off was moved from Wednesday to Sunday, which meant we would be nine days on without a break.

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