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2003 Travels July 16

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John on canoes, me on reception.

We had another go at solving the missing money problem from yesterday, and found the mistake was mine! I’d counted two lots of banded up $20 notes as $200, instead of $400. Never did find the missing voucher, though.

It was a busy day. I had to take the Troopy and drive to the National Park, to take a lunch to the pilot of a fly-in group that had earlier been taken there. The cook had forgotten to cater for him when she did the lunches for his group members.

Finding one pilot at the Park was like finding a needle in a haystack! But eventually he turned up at the canoe hire station.

Whilst waiting around, I talked to the owner of a Trakmaster caravan there. Have to admit that I was in no hurry to go back.

It was really nice to drive to the National Park – I had forgotten how lovely the scenery was, on the way down there. It was the first time I’d driven there, this year. But the road was pretty poor, although the Troopy handled better on it than I was expecting. From experience with the Hilux we used to own, I was not a fan of Toyota steering!

John’s “Office” was so lovely!

Resize of 06-06-2003 03 john at the office.jpg

John at the office…….

I came back from the Park behind a sodding Victorian arrogant driver who would not let me pass, whilst he tootled along at 40kmh. I was not confident enough, in the Troopy, to really push the issue.

The sick kid was still vomiting, and dehydrated now. There were more phone calls to the Flying Doc, and the boss had to give another injection. The mother fainted! The parents decided to drive to Mt Isa, rather than have an air evacuation. I suspect they did not have ambulance or health cover. So they left. We hoped all went well for them.

It was mail plane day and there was the expected bag of mail from home. The house sitter’s letter was the most interesting item in it.

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