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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels June 27

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John was on grounds – again. Apart from him doing a good job, there was also the factor that B’s husband did not like that job – especially the amenity cleaning. When rostered on that, he did not do it well – or sometimes not at all! That one preferred the canoe hire, or doing unrostered “special” jobs about the place, like building planter boxes for flowers. Such things were often his idea, rather than being requested.

Resize of 06-29-2003 04 Lawn Hill Ck & swim pontoon.jpg

The Grove area at left, Lawn Hill Creek and the swim pontoon; road south in the distance.

I was floating, but spent most of the time on reception. B was rostered on that, but then disappeared into the kitchen, which she preferred. She was not at ease in the shop.

We had to unload the weekly supply truck at 9.30am. It was a really big order and there was, as a result, stuff everywhere. I managed to get a bit put away, in between serving people.

I went off at 2pm, had lunch and stayed off till 6.15. Helped serve dinner then was on wash up, which was a really big one. It was a baked chicken casserole, so was a messy washup, too. John stayed after tea and helped with all that.

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