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2003 Travels June 26

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I was on tents, John on grounds. He felt he was being typecast in this role, but he does such a good job of it. There were multiple tasks within this work – just depended on what needed doing at any one time, on top of the basic campground cleaning and grooming.

Resize of 08-07-2003 man at work.jpg

Without a full supply of these, there would be no hot meals!

I did the early session on reception. There were only a few tents to do and I’d finished all that by late lunch time.

Then I helped in the later afternoon rush on reception, which really needed two people now. There was always a rush of later arriving campers booking in, and the check in procedure for each was quite time consuming.

The Camry couple left today. D had managed a to fix the gearbox. It cost them $850 for repairs and second hand tyres, to get them back to proper help – via Gregory and Burke and Wills! He seemed to think he’d got off cheaply – which he had. In the end, they really enjoyed their stay, despite the inauspicious start.

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