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2003 Travels June 28

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John back on grounds and I was floating again. Jack of all trades!

I did the reception/shop for the early session then, once B came on duty there, I went and helped in the kitchen. I went off at 2pm for lunch and break, and then back on at 6pm to help with dinner prep. I helped carve several roasted lamb legs for the evening meal.

John stayed after tea and helped with the wash up again, to help me do it.

There seemed to be some staff tensions developing. This was probably inevitable in such a small, enclosed community. B asked the boss if she could become the permanent kitchen hand, once the German lass left. She did not cope well with the pressure of the shop/reception work, and did not like the tent house keeping work. However, she found it hard, I think, to admit all that, so found it easier to say she did not like working with V and me!

The pals brought up a supply of books about Riversleigh, for us to sell in the shop. I bought one, and had it signed by Mike, his wife and the man who was the main organizer of the dig. They actually remembered that I’d been cooking for them, last year, and wrote pleasant things in my book.

This was the last night for the full pals group.

Resize of 06-06-2003 adels area aerial.JPG

Adels Grove and the Lawn Hill section of the National Park

Late in the afternoon, a group of five or six aboriginals had come into the shop, initially to buy some supplies. They had been down from Doomadgee, camping and fishing about 5kms down along the creek. Then their vehicle had broken down, about 3kms out along the road. They asked if “someone’ would take them back to Doomadgee. The boss said we were all too busy. They started asking tourists, as they approached the reception area,  to do it – but were refused by all.

In the end, for the sake of getting them out of the way and not harassing the tourists, the boss asked John to drive them back to their camp spot, in the bus. They were none too clean, to put it mildly, and John had to open all the bus windows to air it out, after he got back!

Unfortunately, we found out later that B, when unpacking supplies and stocking the shop shelves, had put a bottle of methylated spirits out there, and then sold the bottle to the group. We did keep a bottle or two of this in the pantry store, in case of campers asking for same, but it should not have been out on display. No one had told B this – she wasn’t to know.

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