This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels June 13

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One of those days when I am always expecting life to sneak up and wallop me with something nasty!

I was on shop, John on yard stuff.

In the late afternoon, there was a small tour group taken up nearby Bill Hill in the Coaster, to see the sun set in the west, and the moon rise in the east, at the same time. It was knock off time for us, so we drove Truck up there. There was an interesting outlook from up there, to the mine in the east and the Constance Range to the west.

Resize of 06-13-2003 01 sunset & moonrise on Bill Hill

Up on Bill Hill


Resize of 06-13-2003 02 bill hill full moon over century


The boss of the trucking company arrived with the mattresses, at dinner time, so he was an extra, unexpected,  mouth to feed. New cook was doing a good job, in terms of variety and quantity of food.

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