This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels June 12

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I was on reception/shop. John was to potter about doing yard stuff.

Resize of 06-20-2003 15 sign means no tourists.jpg

Staff attempt to deter tourists from wandering through to have a look at the staff camp

The helicopters group left. To date, this year, we’d had 140 fly-in guests. We had to keep separate records of flights, so I was rapidly learning my plane makes. A big surprise had been just how many visitors did arrive by plane.

Still issues with the phone and EFTPOS. B was still reporting the issue daily to Telstra.

The supply truck came in at lunchtime. Boss had a number of new mattresses, for the extra accommodation, on order, and these were supposed to be on this week’s truck. They had been off loaded in Doomadgee. After a phone call, the company boss promised to bring them, personally, tomorrow. That was going to involve him driving from Mt Isa to Doomadgee, then here, then back home – a round trip of 1100-1200 kms. I suspected that truck driver was going to receive a good bollocking.

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