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2003 Travels June 14

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I was on reception and was happily pottering about, mid morning, when a customer came up, and said there was a snake in the front garden. She meant the small area between the wheelchair ramp and the road. I assumed it would be another python, and went out to have a look, from the ramp, before calling the boss to move it. But the curled up reptile did not look like a python, to me – it seemed too slim and dark coloured. I thought it might be a taipan – not that I know much about reptiles. Or maybe a parent of one of the baby browns we had been seeing about the place.

Resize of 06-29-2003 03 adels and grove from heli.jpg

The oasis that was Adels Grove – no wonder it was a haven for wildlife.

I went to get boss M to confirm what it might be, and to work out what to do. Not in my job description!

The snake was coiled up in a sunny patch. There were four of us standing on the ramp, looking down on it, when it suddenly reared up and struck our way, came towards us, then went under the building beneath our feet. That was definitely taipan aggressive behaviour! We jumped back very smartly.

M went to get a torch to see if she could see it under the building, but we couldn’t – and no one was going under there to look! We just had to hope it had felt threatened enough to keep going right away from the buildings.

Recently other boss had been hunting around for something in the junk that had accumulated under the bar counter – and found a green tree snake curled up under there! They were not happy about such resident wildlife, because the baby was now crawling, and getting into nooks and crannies like that. Green tree snakes can bite, though they are not poisonous.

For the next few days, I kept a wary eye on that patch of garden, in case our aggro visitor returned.

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