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2003 Travels May 11

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We were rostered for two consecutive days off. Very nice! The boss’ latest policy is to give staff two consecutive days off, each month. Whilst this is great to have, it does not mean that we get an extra day off a month, just that we work longer than a week between times off – still only get 4 days off in every 28.

We did not enjoy the time off as much as we might have. Sitting outside under the van awning gave a prime view of the long drop toilet and the back of the workshop. The nearby main generator was noisy, so there was no chance of sleeping in past 8am, when it was started. The fumes from it gave me a headache if I sat outside for any length of time.

So we really couldn’t sit outside to relax. It was really a pretty poor way to treat staff, even though I understood the reason for it.

We stayed in the van for much of the time. John messed about on the laptop. I did much crochet on the cot blanket. Even so, I had a really bad headache by the end of the day.

We went for a walk around the grounds each day. There was always something new to see, or something to really examine, that we had not looked closely at, before. I was not sure that the tourists, who usually stayed only a night or three, explored Adels sufficiently to really appreciate its beauty. They focused on the National Park.

Resize of 06-01-2003 01 cluster fig

Cluster fig fruit

Resize of 06-01-2003 02 fig and creek Grove.jpg

Large cluster fig tree by the creek

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