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2003 Travels May 12

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A new couple that the boss had mentioned that she was expecting, arrived today. There was some element of surprise in this, because not all those who say they will come to work for a while, actually arrive. And this pair was not expected quite yet, anyway.

The boss explained to them that she did not want them to start work just yet, though. We were not busy enough – and she watched the financial outlay very carefully.

H and D seemed happy enough with that. Said they would just settle in and hang about until needed. They set up their camper trailer down in the Grove – we were so envious! But they pitched on the other side of the access track to the other staff rigs down there, so they were not hooked up to the much-guarded power source.

D was a mechanic and used to drive tour buses – so he would be a great asset. He could work on vehicle repair – Adels’ and campers’. He could also learn to do the Riversleigh tour and thus relieve the boss of that at times.

H could cook – she used to do the cooking on the tour buses. That made boss extremely happy  – it reduces the bargaining power of the current cook, who was making noises about better pay and conditions, and was becoming increasingly unreliable.

The couple had been here before, with bus tour groups, and really fell in love with what they saw of the place. So, when they decided to retire and travel, and do some work, they really wanted to come here. Our gain. I thought.

Resize of 06-01-2003 03 lawn hill ck adels grove.jpg

Water lilies on Lawn Hill Creek at Adels Grove

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