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2003 Travels May 10

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On shop/reception again. Third day straight on this – I liked that. It would be interesting to see if I was still quite so enamoured when we really got busy. Apparently, at the real peak time, there would be two of us assigned to the shop.

Every day I was learning more – prices, register codes, unfamiliar icy pole names (not something I normally ate and therefore knew).

The campground fee was $8 per person, per night. Basic dinner, bed and breakfast was $105, but the premium tents cost more. These were the half dozen or so tents that fronted onto the creek and thus had great water outlooks from the area in front of each. In the case of the three that were up the laundry end of the row, they had the view of the little set of rapids, and the burbling noise from those all through the night. Idyllic. We staff called those tents the “Hiltons”.

Resize of 07-24-2003 02 tent area from laundry rapids.jpg

Some of the Hiltons

It appeared that there had been a permanent change to the time of the evening meal, now to be served at 6.30pm, compared to the 5.30 of last year. This was a much more civilized time, I thought, which gave guests time to enjoy their activities at the National Park, or wherever, in the daylight, and still get back in time for a shower and drink before dinner.

With the big, deep, industrial sinks in the new kitchen, and a number of staff working at it, the washing up could still be completed in reasonable time for staff – usually by 8-8.30.

Despite that expected time for dinner, its actual delivery was becoming increasingly hit or miss, both in time and quality. Cook was clearly torn between spending time enjoying happy hour on the deck,  and retiring to the kitchen! This was really beginning to worry me, as the only other employee with kitchen experience. I’d come here this year on the basis of “no more cooking”, but……..

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