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2003 Travels April 29

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My work today was much the same as yesterday’s.

I washed sheets and towels used by the fly-in duo. Had to wait for them to depart, which was rather late in the morning. But I got the sheets dry and put back on the same beds, which is the idea. There are not that many surplus sheet sets, and the ones that have been put on the beds kind of go with the doona covers in that tent.

I cleaned the showers and the three long drop toilets that are located near the guest tents – closer than the ones in the main building and until this was completed last year, the only ones at this end of the property, for guests. It was not a pleasant job, because of the smell!

Resize of 08-07-2003 06 camp showers Adels.jpg

Shower block for tent accommodation. Water heating donkey at back of tank stand

There was only one working washing machine, so doing the washing was slow going. But I did manage to get our washing done, as well.

During my lunch hour, phoned the newsagent in Mt Isa and arranged for them to send me the Weekend and Monday Australian newspapers, in the weekly mailbag. It would cost me about $10 a week. I wrote a cheque for $120 and “posted” that in the mailbag, to go out to them this week.

I finished work just after 5pm. Showered, then relaxed till tea time.

John was on canoe hire today, at the National Park. He enjoyed it. There are not that many tourists yet, so it was not all that busy.

The bosses drove to Mt Isa today, until Thursday. They said they were confident with their team here, in their absence!

One of the men would have to go and close the front gate a bit after dark and then remember to open it again first thing in the morning. A big old white bull had been an intermittent visitor for some time, but was showing up more often, and would be chased out of the place when seen. The closed gate was to try to stop him sneaking back in after dark. Bull in a china shop might be one thing, but bull in a crowded campground, in amongst the guy ropes and gear, had a whole lot more potential for chaos.

The nights were quite clammy, still. There were cane toads everywhere.

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