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2003 Travels April 28

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Our first day of work. The alarm went off at 6.30am. Too early! John went over to the deck for his breakfast, but I had mine at the van.

John then drove off to the National Park, to observe the canoe hire in action, and “learn” it.

I started at 8am.

I swept the shop, verandas and dining deck – that took over an hour. Cleaned the new building amenities. That also took ages, as I had to clean things that hadn’t been done for a while, but which I thought should be done on a weekly basis – clean the scale from the water off the toilet bowls, clean the white tiles that skirted the base of the walls, and clean the mirrors.

B  started out helping me, but then she had to drive to the National Park to take her husband his thermos flask, which he had forgotten. She did mop the floors when she returned.

I suggested to the boss that the leaf blower be used on the verandas and deck, instead of sweeping.

There were three donga rooms to be made up. These were the rooms that the builders were staying in last year, now available for guests as an alternative to tented accommodation. B had washed the sheets from these yesterday. I made up the beds, set out towels, cleaned the rooms, then hosed down the veranda that ran across the front of these four rooms. I also cleaned the chairs and tables on that veranda.

I learned a lot about the housekeeping side of operations, today.

The old tour bus that was the room for H the tour guide from Mt Isa, last year, had been converted into the linen store – it was parked close to the laundry area. H now used one of the staff donga rooms, near where our van was parked.

During the morning, the boss showed us how to empty the Telstra public phone that was located out the front of the buildings. She needed a key, laminated card and empty coin box. We actually collected more than her printout showed should be there. Then the coins were counted and exchanged for notes, to be put away for “banking”. Money had to be taken to Mt Isa for this, usually by the company tour staff.

I had an hour break for lunch. Helped myself to food put out in the kitchen for staff, and sat out on the deck. This was quite pleasant, with very few guests about. When it got busier, I thought I’d probably take my lunch across to the van, as I did last year.

Resize of 04-27-2003 04  late April sky in Grove.jpg

Late April sky, seen from the grove area

I finished off the day in the reception/shop, learning about the booking methods and the use of the register.

I knocked off about 5.30pm, by which time I was really weary. There had been a lot to take in, through the day. Had a shower, over in the block at the back of the tented accommodation. The cool water was very pleasant.

John’s last job for the day was spreading sand about to fill in gaps in the laid stone work at the campground amenities. It had been John’s idea to do it, to reduce the risk of someone tripping, but it was quite late in the day when the boss started him on it.

Two guests had come in, during the morning, flying in an ultra light plane. They were staying overnight. A boss drove them to the National Park for part of the day. They were to be entrants in the big Gregory Downs canoe race, at the weekend. I talked with them, for a little time, before and after tea.

Dinner was at 7.30pm again. The cook seemed a bit under the weather. There was steak parmagiana, but this was not as juicy as the way the cook did them last year. They were not put in the oven to cook until 5.30pm! There were potatoes, carrot sticks, a broccoli mornay made with very yellowed broccoli. Dessert was carrot cake on a platter, with pieces of honeydew and rock melon, and grapes.

There were some adverse comments because the dinner was dished up for some time before we were called to get it, and was almost cold.

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