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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels April 30

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Today I was rostered onto shop/reception, and helping in the kitchen, as it was M’s day off.

B was on cleaning/housekeeping. She brought her sewing machine up here with her – very “crafty” lady – so she had the task of trying to sew a replacement zip into one of the tents. I was soon to realize that zip issues were a regular occurrence, because most of the tents were fairly old, and were not great quality to begin with. They got quite rough treatment from some guests too.

So I cleaned the showers and long drops for B.

V showed me more of the shop routines. It was quite complicated, with register codes, and the like. It seemed that the register was designed for use with a scanner, but we had no such creature. One enters a numeric code for the item being purchased, and a pre-programmed price may then flash up. However, this may not be the correct price, because prices may have changed and the register not been updated! So, mental arithmetic and adjustment required. As well as trying to learn the programmed codes, to get faster at the process. For items with no pre-set price, like fuel – which was paid for at the shop – one had to enter both code and price. A good degree of care was needed. It was to prove all too easy to place zeros in the wrong position, thus charging 28 cents instead of $280!

I also had to try to master the use of the credit card machine – another first for me. Another place where those zeros were waiting to ambush me.

The mail plane came in to our air strip during the morning . V took the outgoing mail bag over to it and brought our bag of mail back. This proved to contain our first batch of mail from home, sent as arranged with the house sitter, and my newspapers. There was an interesting letter from the sitter.

John was on canoe hire.

I decided that the cook was not exerting herself, overly. She worked a split shift arrangement, with three or four hours off during the day. She then sat on the deck, drinking wine or beer for a while, before tackling dinner. I wondered how she was going to get on when it got busy, and she was regularly catering for fifty or more, as we did last year.

The roads in this area are being thoroughly worked on, which is most welcome, as it has not happened every year, to date. Some of the road crew stayed here, some of the time, and cook and her daughter seemed to be quite friendly with some of them.

The weekly supply truck, due today, was very late arriving – at 7.30pm. We all refused to do the unloading, at that time. It would not be a fast task. So the driver stayed the night. The company doing the trucking to these parts had changed since last year. This had made it harder for the boss, who now had to order on each Monday, for delivery on Wednesday of the following week – i.e. ten days away, and before the current week’s truck had arrived, and it could be seen what was missing from that order.

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