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2003 Travels April 13

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Slept in, somewhat. Decided to have a fairly quiet day and a break from driving around.

It looked like there would be rain, but only a few showers eventuated.

John played computer games for much of the morning. I read the weekend papers.

After lunch, decided to head out, after all. But not far – just to Gold Creek, which we had never visited on previous trips here. The main feature at this tourist complex  was a miniature village, which did not really interest us. Our purpose was to browse the shops there. We had a look through several, and some galleries. All were, of course, tourist oriented and mostly rather predictable.

The Aarwun Gallery was somewhat different – crammed with a great variety of art, and very interesting.

We looked at some brilliant glass art, and the gallery owner got talking to us about this, which was work by a Tina Cooper. Some was done with an aboriginal artist as a reconciliation exercise in 2000. The results were most unique but, at around $2000 a piece, definitely beyond our reach! However, we decided to buy a small piece of hers, one of only two similar items, and almost $400. It went on lay-by until we would be home again in October, by putting down a deposit of $150 on it. I really would have liked its “mate” too, but felt that was too extravagant!

The piece we bought was like a round vase, on a short stem base. It glowed orange/gold under light and had little blobs of yellow and green scattered around the opening at the top. These were representative of wattle – though I saw them more as scrambled eggs! It was whimsical, very “Australian” and would look great displayed at home.

The gallery owner told John to bring him samples of wood boxes he was going to make, and If they were good enough, he would show them. That was encouraging.

This was a most rewarding outing – for me, the highlight of the Canberra visit, to date.

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