This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels April 12

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Since we were, unexpectedly, still in Canberra, John arranged to visit his daughter and grandson again this morning. This time, we did get there at 10am, and spent an agreeable couple of hours there.

Went on to the shops at Dixon, and then Manuka. Bought the weekend papers. Had a rather indulgent lunch at Manuka – John had pie and pasty and I had a spinach and fetta pastry. I should have known better and suffered indigestion for much of the afternoon!

At the food markets at Fyshwyck, bought fish – barra, flathead tails and sand whiting, for three meals, two of which I would freeze for later.

Went to the National Gallery, where I wanted to have a good browse in their Australian art section. That occupied another couple of hours,  which was quite enough. I had tired legs and feet, and John’s feet were really tired.

Back to the van, where I cooked one lot of fish, with fries, for tea.

The nights were distinctly chilly here.

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