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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels April 14

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Needed the alarm clock this morning, for an early start. Truck had to be at Land Rover at Woden by 9am. This meant negotiating the centre of Canberra in its rush hour. We managed!

Once Truck was delivered, we walked over to the Woden Shopping Centre.

Spent a couple of hours in Dick Smith, looking at the latest TV’s, cameras and computer gear. It was interesting to see how far the digital camera technology had come, in just a few years.

I bought a Kasey Chambers CD – Barricades and Brickwalls. Also bought a cheap pair of track pants – to wear on travel days. John bought some good shoe insoles, a couple of long sleeved light shirts, and two pairs of chino trousers, suitable for working in, where we were going.

Had lunch of bread rolls, then got a call to say Truck was ready. Cost $450.

We were back at the van by 2pm.

John napped. I put up the hems on his new trousers – sewing by hand, of course. Then made sure my share records were up to date.

It was now school holidays. This was evident in the clientele in the shops, and in the more busy caravan park.

This place really was quite grotty. The amenities were not cleaned yesterday – I wondered if there was a presumption that no one uses the showers or toilets on a Sunday? They were done this morning, but were quite dirty again by 3pm. However, they did get a bit of a clean up later.

John was able to connect up his computer, in the Park Office, and do a download. There was an email from one of the couples we’d worked with, last year. They had been working at the Barkly Roadhouse in NT, but were planning to move on to the Top End and then the Kimberley.

I was getting a lot of shooting pain and discomfort in my operated-on leg. Don’t think it liked the caravan seat and all the rather immobile travel in Truck. The ulcerated area did not seem to be doing a final heal, either, and was giving some pain again. Rather worrying, since it was almost two months since the operation.

Decided that I would be very pleased to leave this caravan park tomorrow.

We thought we would head first for Bathurst, mostly to check it out for future visits.

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