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2002 Travels May 3

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After a rather lazy morning, just enjoying the atmosphere of this place, we decided that we should not leave here without at least attempting the walk up Boolimba Bluff. This prominent part of the gorge wall is very obvious from much of the campground. We had heard a few of the other campers talk about doing this walk, and about the excellent views to be had from the top.

Resize of 05-02-2002 01 Boolimba Bluff

Boolimba Bluff

We had also heard talk about how steep and hard the track was. With my well established dislike of uphill terrain, I had some doubts, but decided to tackle it and see.

It was not a long walk – only a bit over 3kms each way. But Boolimba Bluff is about 200 metres higher than the campground, so that is how much altitude must be gained – over a short distance! There was something like 300 metres of stairs, steps and ladders to be climbed! Definitely not normally my scene.

The Bluff track left the one we’d already walked, across the other side of the creek. At first, it was reasonably pleasant walking, through the forest – and different from the creek side track of the other walking we’d done.

Then we reached a warning sign beside the track. The gist of this was that the next 300 metres were very steep and rugged and suitable only for the physically fit. Not sure if that was us, but……

Resize of 05-03-2002 are we fit

Some of the many steps going up….

With lots of stops to catch breath and rest our unhappy leg muscles – mostly mine – we made it to the top.

It was a pity that we had left it till the afternoon before tackling the walk, because the views along the gorge, and that across the campground were excellent, but the light was poor for photos.

Resize of 05-03-2002 Gorge from Boolimba Bluff.jpg

Looking up into the Gorge from Boolimba Bluff summit

Resize of 05-03-2002 view from bulimba bluff

Looking down on the campground (in sun); the gap we’d come in through


What goes up……Coming down the steep track sections again was quite hard. Our legs were definitely shaky as we made our way back to camp.

Resize of 05-03-2002 yes it was.jpg

That it was!

Hot shower again – much needed. Ditto early night.

Have loved our time here. We could see why the stay was rationed to a five night maximum, to allow access for as many as possible. That time was sufficient to see most of what was on offer. However, had it been possible to stay longer, we would have, just because it was such a pleasant campground and place to be. If the campground does close, except for some school holidays, then the commercial Takarakka will be the only option for most of the year. One would have to drive from there to the start of the walks, whereas being able to walk to them from the campground here, has been ideal.

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