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2002 Travels May 4

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My son turned 28 today. I had sent him a card while we were in Brisbane.

The very lovely interlude at Carnarvon Gorge was over, so we had the usual pack up.

The big purple truck was also leaving, but he very considerately delayed his departure until he could be fairly sure that everyone else who was going, had left. He explained to us that he would be snail like on the hills out of here and found it easier not to be holding up other traffic. I wish everyone was so considerate.

Resize of 05-04-2002 bulimba bluff behind.jpg

Ready to go

05-04-2002 near injune

Near Injune

We made our way back the way we’d come on Monday, as far as Roma. Here, we booked at the Villa Caravan Park, for a week. It cost us, after discount, and a free night, $102.60. We would be getting mail forwarded from home, so allowed a week here for that – and for the fridge part from Jeff, if it gets sent! There is not a great deal in Roma that is of tourist interest, but it does have a bowls club!

Now that we were back on 240v power, decided to try the fridge again. It shouldn’t make any difference, being totally 12v, but it seemed to be working properly again. Maybe Jeff, for once, was right, and the switch is sticking! Was nice to have the fridge again, but I wouldn’t be fully trusting it for a while. If it does turn out to have been the thermostat, further down the track, well, we would have a spare with us.

John went off to check out the bowls club.

At night I phoned son and talked with him.

Phoned the house sitter and asked her to send mail – Express – here.

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