This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 9

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We slept in a bit more than usual and didn’t get up till 9.30.

I did the washing, using S’s machine.

John fixed a batten to the van floor under the bed, to stop stuff sliding over the floor and touching the inverter that was recently installed there by the solar man – with no protection!

John played bowls from midday till about 4.30pm.

I walked to the Deakin shops – bought bread and a lettuce to replace the one that had frozen in the Chescold, outside the van. I remade the bed after washing the sheets. I cut out the “holes” in the Hardanger placemat made for S – and gave it to her. She seemed pleased with it. One down and seven to go! I had to admit that the embroidery had hardly been touched in the sixteen months since we returned from the long trip.

I made a zucchini slice for tea and cooked it in their oven. We had it with the bread stick I’d bought. They hadn’t gotten home until 7.30 and seemed to enjoy having a meal made for them.

We talked, then watched The Bill, which was on TV later than usual because of the earlier coverage of the funeral of the Queen Mother. Some of our talk centred on overseas postings that S is considering applying for – the pros and cons of each possibility.

John stayed up until 1.30am – playing computer games. He could not get his new game to work.

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