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2002 Travels April 10

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We were up about 7am. Saw S and SIL off to work.

We got away about 8.40. Had no issues hitching up, but took it very cautiously driving back out of the narrow driveway.

It was the busy morning traffic time through central Canberra, but it was just a matter of getting into a lane, then following the car in front. That was after we’d negotiated the systems of roundabouts around Parliament House and then City Hill. I’d planned the route carefully in advance – past experience had shown me how easy it is to go astray on these roundabouts, and find oneself merrily sailing back the way we’d come!

We stopped in Yass to do some banking – easier than trying to find both the right bank and a place to park the rig in one of the Canberra shopping localities. Refuelled there – 85cpl.

From Yass, we travelled via Boorawa, Cowra, Gooloogong, Eugowra, Parkes, Peak Hill, turning at Tomingley to head to Narromine.

It was pleasant driving, for much of the day, through farmlands, rolling hills, and the Lachlan River valley. We were mostly on minor roads with little traffic.

We lunched by the Lachlan River at Cowra, in a park area – very pleasant.

We were on the Newell Highway for only some 66kms. There were many trucks on it, heading south.

Topped up the fuel again at Peak Hill – 87cpl.

We arrived at Narromine about 4pm. Our site at the Rose Gardens Caravan Park cost $16.20, after Top Tourist discount. We were able to stay hitched up. The park was pleasant enough.

After a minimal set up, John had a nap. I sewed.

I made corn cakes and ratatouille for tea – very nice.

John’s usual, big, TV aerial produced no picture. He hooked up the little Tandy one, wedging it into the folding bar of the poptop roof, and it was brilliant! Work that one out!

04-10-2002 to narromine

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