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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 8

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I was awake from about 4am on, for some reason, but didn’t get up until after S and SIL had left for work at 7.45am. S works long hours – 8am till at least 7pm.

John did some more pottering about and got the phone message service working.

We drove to the Woden shops where I put a film in for processing – mostly photos I’d taken at home. John went to a Telstra shop to try to get a cable that would link the mobile phone to the internet – he found that same is no longer made for our phone model! We would have to buy a new phone and forfeit our current plan – and number – at a cost of several hundred dollars. Not going to do that! It was all very frustrating.

John bought himself a new computer game, for consolation!

We went to Dick Smiths at Fyshwyck where John bought a 12v-240v inverter to be used in Truck – to charge the torch battery, run a laptop, charge phone etc.

Then it was to Queanbeyan, where I knew there was a Safeway I was familiar with (from 1998). There, I stocked up on some foodstuffs for the more remote parts we will be heading to. We bought some chocolate for S and SIL, to have after tea.

They said they would be cooking a BBQ. I made a Greek salad to go with the chops and sausages they cooked – and volunteered to cook the tea tomorrow night.

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