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2000 Travels December 4

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The day was quite windy.

While John slept in, I did a much longer walk along the Oyster Walk, enjoying being by the sea. Then I walked back along the streets.

After breakfast, we went to the National Parks base, out on the edge of town, and bought a one month National Parks Pass. We’d worked out it was cheaper to do this than buy day passes every time we go out to the nearby Coffin Bay National Park, over the next few days.

Then we got organized with a cut lunch, and drove out to the National Park. The very attractive drive out to there follows the bay around.

We drove to Little Yangie Bay, which was about the first part of the Park ones comes to.

John had a brief fish there.

I walked to the top of the hill behind the bay, where there were great views over the bays and inlets.

12-04-2000 01 View from Yangie Bay hill.jpg

The outlook to the north from Yangie Bay hill

Then we drove  to the  Seven Mile Beach, much further on along the Peninsula. The track became quite sandy, although it had been ramped in one section. It is definitely 4WD terrain.

There was one other vehicle at Seven Mile Beach, but then they left and we had it all to ourselves – lovely. John fished, and I walked on the beach.

12-04-2000 04 Seven Mile Beach.jpg

Seven Mile Beach – and airplane contrails

We had lunch out there. It was a beautiful place – the long, curving beach, aqua coloured water, distant land across the bay, a few sea birds.

12-04-2000 05 Seven Mile beach Coffin Bay NP.jpg

Cormorants drying their wings

As we drove out, passed a couple of vehicles going that way – presumably to camp, as the day was getting on.

We also spotted a Rock Parrot – new bird for us.

John was determined to drive to Gunyah Beach, on the ocean side of the peninsula that Coffin Bay is on. We tried that in ’93, but the sand dune track was really hard in the Hilux.

We stopped to let some air out of the tyres, before taking the track to Gunyah Beach. It was easier with the Defender, although we got briefly stuck at the base of one dune. Let the tyres down a bit further and got through. The Truck handles the sand so much better.

12-04-2000 07 at Gunyah beach.jpg

On Gunyah Beach

The seas were very rough.

12-08-2000 gunyah view.jpg

Gunyah Beach

John fished for a while, but got no bites. He then decided that he had achieved Gunyah Beach once more, and had no real desire to do it again.

12-04-2000 06 gunyah beach

The track to Gunyah Beach goes through sand dunes

Had to stop and blow the tyres up again, then continued back to town.

Tea was bought fish and chips. Very nice ones.

We drove 90kms today.

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