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2000 Travels December 5

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The weather was variable today – fairly windy, but a bit dull.

I did the washing.

John phoned Landrover to check the time for his service appointment for tomorrow. He discovered, to his horror, that he’d managed to book into Port Pirie, rather than Port Lincoln! Any port………

So he had to cancel that service appointment. He phoned the Port Lincoln dealer and was very lucky to get fitted in tomorrow. At 9am, which means a fairly civilized time start, as these things go.

From snippets we have heard, the Port Lincoln Landrover service centre is supposed to be very good.

We went back to the National Park.

Visited the lookouts and Almonta Beach – all easy to get to.

12-05-2000 at Point Avoid.jpg

Outlook to the west from Point Avoid

John fished at Almonta Beach for a while, while I walked on the beach. John was not successful at the fishing, but I enjoyed my walk.

On the way back, John had a final try at fishing, from the fishing jetty on the point, in town. There was no interest from the fish, so he gave up.

Tea was soup, toast with sardines and tomato slices.

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