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2000 Travels December 3

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There were some drops of rain through the night, and today was much cooler – very nice.

In the morning, I worked on the Xmas letter.

John took Truck to refuel – $1.09cpl.

After lunch, we went to bowls. The club people here seemed very nice. Gusty winds made consistent play difficult. John and I opposed each other as leads. They gave us two glasses with the club logo on, as a memento of the day – sweet of them.

Being cheap phone call day on our plan, we phoned T at Wonga Beach and had a good chat with him. They seem to still be happy there. It was great to make contact again.

Also phoned V, R and K – left messages at all three, but there was no response back. Why do we bother?

Tea was soup, leftover fish cake, some rice, salad and a tin of salmon – a real mish mash.

There was a low pressure system near Darwin that was predicted to turn into a cyclone. Since spending so much time in parts north, the occurrence of cyclones interests us far more than it used to.

12-07-2000 c bay.jpg

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