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2000 Travels November 20

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I did three loads of washing in the morning, whilst John made phone calls to try to sort out vehicle related stuff. He went to a van parts place, then worked on the van brakes, and thought he’d fixed them.

We then had to really rush to go quite a distance to the north side of town, to get the Polyair suspension bag replaced on truck. John had made a 3pm time for this. We got there half an hour late, but the man was nice about it. It was probably too ambitious to try to do it all in one day.

While the work was being done, we walked to a bank to get the money to pay him cash – it was quite a long walk!

He found the shock absorber on Truck also needed fixing, so it was a more costly exercise than we had expected – some $500. It also took much longer than had been expected!

It was getting on for 7pm when we got back to the area of the caravan park, so looked for a place to get pizzas.

John was really low on diesel and worried about that and finally found  a place to put in some fuel – at $1.08cpl..

It was just all too much of a rushed day!

On top of it all, John couldn’t remember if he’d put a spring part back in the brakes, due to the rush to finish, so he would have to pull it apart again, in the morning, to check.

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