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2000 Travels November 3

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In the morning drove into town and through to the One Mile Jetty, that is one of the main features of the town.

11-03-2000 one mile jetty carnarvon.jpg

The One Mile Jetty at Carnarvon

The jetty was built in the late 1800’s for the usual reasons of transport of local produce outwards, and needed goods inwards. It was built this long to get from the solid ground of the town area, across the marshy, tidal flats and out to deep enough water. A rail line runs down the centre of the jetty, and in the hey day of the port, engines were used to haul cargo back and forth.

11-02-2000 Carnarvon jetty and railway.jpg

Railway line down the centre of the One Mile Jetty

We walked right out to the end of the jetty. There was an area in the wider section at the end  that was closed off due to fire damage, seemingly when someone fishing wanted to keep warm.  What moron lights a fire on a wooden jetty? Restoration work was being done.

11-02-2000 jetty restoration area.jpg

Enter at your risk – area under restoration at the end of the Jetty

We watched people fishing. There was a big turtle swimming around beneath the jetty and putting its head up to breathe.

11-03-2000 turtle One Mile Jetty.jpg

Turtle off the jetty

There was a sign board at the jetty, with pictures that identified fish – presumably ones that could possibly be caught here. The daily catch limit given for each, was an indication of the relative adundance or scarcity of each species. Clearly, there was no shortage of ones like Dart!

11-03-2000 sign One Mile Jetty.jpg

We did some more grocery shopping. Collected my processed film. Got some scripts filled at the chemist.

Went to NorWest Seafoods, at the marina area through the town, and bought prawns and snapper, both in frozen packs. There are a few fishing boats operate out of here.

Did a basic pack up. We have only really been here long enough to do necessary shopping and cleaning, not enough to strew things around and make packing up a chore. We can’t afford the time to stay longer  here and explore the surrounding area.

Tea was curried prawns and rice.

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