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2000 Travels November 2

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I did the washing, starting before I had breakfast. There were three loads, including the bedding as the last load, after John got up. It was a big job as it was ages since I last did any.

John went off to try fishing at the long jetty, hoping to catch some whiting. He remembered from our ’93 stay, seeing people there, fishing for those. He came back unsuccessful.

I had a phone call from cousin K in Tasmania, to whom I’d sent one of my Kimberley letters. He wanted permission to use it in the magazine of his 4WD club. Fame at last! We had a good talk, for a little while.

A big bus came into the park – a full length touring coach, converted to a motorhome. It was towing a large, enclosed trailer, with a 4WD on it. He had difficulty negotiating the corners of the park roads, and even broke a large piece off the corner of a site slab, going across it. Such rigs are really too big for a lot of parks, from what we have seen. At one point he came a bit too close to us, for my comfort. In the past, I’d driven a school bus that size – there was no way I would want to be touring the country in something that hard to manoeuvre.

11-02-2000 big rig carnarvon.jpg

The difficulties of a big rig

The washing dried quickly in the sun and breeze, so I put that away, and made up the bed again.

I filled in some time reading a couple of new magazines I bought yesterday, and reading over some old letters on my laptop.

After John came back from fishing, we drove back around the streets and shops. I put in a film for processing. Did a proper food shop.

John posted off the tax paperwork.

Tea was frankfurts – John’s choice – and vegies.

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