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2000 Travels October 27

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I did some chores in the morning and just relaxed, sitting outside the van, enjoying the warmth, birds and a little breeze.

Then we went snorkelling again. It is so much pleasure. I could live here for weeks, just doing this every day!

After lunch, drove out to Maud’s Landing, just to the north of the village, along a rough track. There is a big controversy here at the moment, due to a proposal to build a resort and marina here. This is being hotly opposed by those who feel it will threaten the reef – both from pollution and over use. I hope it does not go ahead – I love the laid back, village nature of the place.

10-30-2000 maud bay track.jpg

Track to Mauds Landing – letting the tyres down to drive in the sand

At Maud’s Landing, John fished, without catching anything. I wondered if the fish knew where the marine conservation zone ended and stayed away from the fishing areas!

10-26-2000 maud landing.jpg

Mauds Landing

I went for a long walk along the beach. Beach walk days are just the best days!

Tea was chicken pieces done Greek style – marinated in lemon, garlic, herbs.

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